Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello my dears readers, today I have a special topic to discuss:  "why we can't understand with the opposite sex?". All this topic I going to analize since the men vision. First of all It's complicated when two different peoples try to understand each other, special with the opposite sex. I can speake for the men. We are really simple persons, all most the time we are "Animals of routine", when the men wake up, he always know what it's going to do that day. For that reason the men will always do the most easy for finish his goal.  In all most the case we are resistant to the change, but we try not to have problems.   

The woman are completely different, because they see and perceive the word in another way.  The woman in all most the case, she always thinks about what the rest of the people see in her. But for that special difficulty, she all his actions look for his confidence. For this point we have the biggest problems for understand each other.

The "Escuela de Gobierno" like any  human institutions, is not an exception. The students have problems because some of they want to do the most easy and others look for his confidence. 

I hope your opinions and Have a nice day, Tomas


  1. you are right tomas!! we are very complicated xD

  2. jajaja is very funny topic and you have reason in your publication.