Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello my dears readers, today I have a special topic to discuss:  "why we can't understand with the opposite sex?". All this topic I going to analize since the men vision. First of all It's complicated when two different peoples try to understand each other, special with the opposite sex. I can speake for the men. We are really simple persons, all most the time we are "Animals of routine", when the men wake up, he always know what it's going to do that day. For that reason the men will always do the most easy for finish his goal.  In all most the case we are resistant to the change, but we try not to have problems.   

The woman are completely different, because they see and perceive the word in another way.  The woman in all most the case, she always thinks about what the rest of the people see in her. But for that special difficulty, she all his actions look for his confidence. For this point we have the biggest problems for understand each other.

The "Escuela de Gobierno" like any  human institutions, is not an exception. The students have problems because some of they want to do the most easy and others look for his confidence. 

I hope your opinions and Have a nice day, Tomas

Thursday, April 26, 2012

¡hello everybody! today I'm writing about technology, in others words about my mobile phone. My mobile is a Samsung c3300, it's small but not so much. I had this mobile since December of 2010, but maybe I will have to change it for another. My little brother sometimes play with my mobile, and sometimes He threw up again the wall. But I like my mobile, because I can hear music, call to my friends and my family, send text message and sometimes I used like alarm clock. 

I use my mobile every day in every place, but all most the time I hear music, like in the subway, when I have to study, when I run in the park, sometimes when I take nap in the weekend. But in the last summer I all most destroy it with a hammer. Our relationship is weird, between love and hate.

My life would be complete different without my mobile, maybe more quiet special in the last months, but I still love my mobile.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello my dears readers, today i going to write about music. When I have decide to write about a band is complicated, because I like the songs no so much the bands, for example I don't like Coldplay but I love the song "Clocks" with Buena Vista Social Club. but the most interesting band for my is "Soda Stereo". Soda Stereo is an Argentinean band who born in the 80's in Buenos Aires. The members of the band are Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio y Charly Alberti. When they beginning as a band, they continued with the "new wave" like The Police or Television. The band gradually evolved into a heavier sounding alternative rock band, eventually drawing influences from classic rock, progressive rock, shoegaze, neo-psychedelia, britpop, and electronic music. They play together until may of 1997 when they separed, but the meet again in 2007 in the tour "me veras volver". I like the lyrics and the melody of the songs. The lyrics represent some places of my infancy and places of Buenos Aries, like in the video of song Zoom, the recording site was "Los Bosques de Palermo" and the Planetary of the city. Some time when i can travel by train I hear the songs. I don't have a favorite song of the band, because the songs are really good. But I enjoy listen songs like Cuando Pase El Temblor,De Musica Ligera, El juego de seduccion, Ella Usó Mi Cabeza Como Un Revólver, En La Ciudad De La Furia and others.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My autobiography

Hello my dears readers, my name is Tomas. I'm studing at the "universidad de Chile", in the glorious school of government and public management. I'm living in santiago, close of the "templo votivo de Maipu", i'm not a religous people but i love running across the park. I'm a special or unique person (some of my friends call me "wear" and others things but in the most deep of their harts they really love me).

I'm an "inbano", i love my High school I.N.B.A, but i feel shame of my elementary school (for the institution not for the people because my loyal friends were my classmate).

I'm not sure what can I tell you, because I think so much. One of my great virtues is my curiosity but at the same time is my biggest problem. When I meet new people I analyse every word, I hate that but I cann't stop it.

I'm something like a pilgrim or like "Frodo" in Lords of Rings, is really complicated to explain. But I love travelling. I love Buenos Aires, Christchurch and
the south of chile.

I was born in Santiago but I have the city and the inequality of the society.

One of the most important experience of my life was my trip to New Zeanland. I win a schoolar ship from the New Zealand's government for study in any high school of the country. I study at Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti high school, in three months i learn to read, speak and live.

I hope you enjoy my blog !