Thursday, April 12, 2012

My autobiography

Hello my dears readers, my name is Tomas. I'm studing at the "universidad de Chile", in the glorious school of government and public management. I'm living in santiago, close of the "templo votivo de Maipu", i'm not a religous people but i love running across the park. I'm a special or unique person (some of my friends call me "wear" and others things but in the most deep of their harts they really love me).

I'm an "inbano", i love my High school I.N.B.A, but i feel shame of my elementary school (for the institution not for the people because my loyal friends were my classmate).

I'm not sure what can I tell you, because I think so much. One of my great virtues is my curiosity but at the same time is my biggest problem. When I meet new people I analyse every word, I hate that but I cann't stop it.

I'm something like a pilgrim or like "Frodo" in Lords of Rings, is really complicated to explain. But I love travelling. I love Buenos Aires, Christchurch and
the south of chile.

I was born in Santiago but I have the city and the inequality of the society.

One of the most important experience of my life was my trip to New Zeanland. I win a schoolar ship from the New Zealand's government for study in any high school of the country. I study at Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti high school, in three months i learn to read, speak and live.

I hope you enjoy my blog !

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